Lawbox provides you with the documents you need to cover all aspects of your company's legal life.

Easy to customise

Choose a document, answer some questions and see how your document gets customised step by step. Specific needs? Choose a document pack, tailored to the needs of a certain industry or company growth stage.

Legal documents you can trust

All legal documents were drafted and are being kept up to date by experienced lawyers or legal professionals. When necessary, they can be called upon to answer additionial questions.

Tailor-made, yet budget-friendly

Our pricing plans are adapted to the needs of entrepreneurs and SME's. You can opt to purchase just a single document, to subscribe to our entire library or to buy the document pack that fits your needs.

My Lawbox

All purchased documents are saved in your account and can be edited and/or downloaded in Word - and/or PDF - format.

Insured against potential conflicts 

When purchasing a document, you are automatically insured against a potential conflict involving the purchased document. Costs related to a mediation procedure with another party are insured.
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