Our Story


Once upon a time…

The law has long been a black box, only accessible to a(n) (un)lucky few. The advent of the world wide web, however, made sharing legal knowledge much easier. So much so, that almost anybody can now upload its outdated, inaccurate or incomplete content.

That’s why we sat down with some tech-savvy lawyers and law-savvy(?) developers, worked together vigorously for a couple of months, and Lawbox was born.

Legal documents tailored to an entrepreneur’s needs

Our network of lawyers drafted a wide range of legal documents often required by entrepreneurs, whether they are just starting off or growing rapidly. Not every situation is the same of course, that’s why they left just the right amount of room for customisation.

That’s where our interactive questionnaire comes into play. In just a few clicks and by answering some questions, the user will have obtained a legal document adapted to his needs.

So, thanks to our great network of lawyers and partners, today we are able to offer qualitative, reviewed and up-to-date legal documents at a reasonable price.

To infinity and beyond!

We adapted the software we developed to automate contract creation to meet the needs of big corporations and law firms wanting to automate their own templates. Our end-to-end solution allows companies to automate the entire contract lifecycle, from drafting, negotiation and validation, to online signing and storage.

The know-how acquired with lawbox.be allowed us to develop our service platform in micro-services and API. This allows us to propose an infinite number of solutions adapted to business needs: integrations in existing business and IT architectures, white-labelling, custom functionalities, etc.