The advantageous packs

The Starter Pack

The Lawbox Starter Pack contains all the basic legal documents necessary for your freelance or corporate activity.

Are you starting up your own business or creating your own company? Congratulations. Lawbox will help you draw up all the legal documents you need to have, to protect yourself and work in the best possible legal conditions. Our Starter Pack allows you to concentrate on your ideas, make your life easier and reduce the budget needed to implement your project.

The advantageous packs

The Privacy & Webshop Pack

From the showcase site to the complete e-shop, this pack contains all the legal documents necessary for your online presence.

You want to launch your online store, sell your services or organize games and contests to promote your activity? The Privacy & Webshop Pack contains all the legal documents you will need to ensure the legal compliance of your activities. It also contains the basic documents necessary for any website in terms of terms and conditions of use, privacy protection or cookie management.

The advantageous packs

The Company Management Pack

A real legal toolbox for the management of your company, whatever the situations it faces.

Managing an LLC or SA implies having reliable legal documents to guide its development. From its creation to its expansion or even its transfer, it is crucial to have reliable agreements, letters or reports, drawn up by lawyers, which take into account the many specificities of each situation. Lawbox's Company Management Pack brings together valuable documents to help you run your business successfully and protect you in all circumstances.