Lawbox has developed a tool for in-house counsels and law firms. Our end-to-end contract automation and management tool was designed to fit their needs.

Dynamic contract generation

Our software allows you to automate your own templates. Integrate your contracts with an existing CRM-system, import data from external sources and generate documents in just a few clicks.


Centralise your template management, define validation flows and build restrictions in the master template.


Sales, HR and other teams can draft legal documents independently. Legal can focus on value-adding tasks and reviewing only the pre-defined documents or agreements exceeding a certain value.

Contract Management

Negotiate or collaborate on a document through the platform, set alerts, define validation flows and sign immediately online.


Automate the entire contract lifecycle, from drafting, negotatiation and review, to online signing and storage.

Custom developments

The software can be adapted to integrate in existing business flows or IT-systems. Our IT-team can make all necessary custom developments.

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